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Minto Battery Energy Storage Project

NRStor is partnering with Nexus in Minto to expand energy storage to help drive Ontario's progression to a green energy future. 

Ontario’s Electricity Needs

Ontario’s Electricity Problem:

•After more than a decade of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period of emerging electricity system needs, driven by increasing demand, the retirement of Pickering nuclear plant, the refurbishment of other nuclear generating units, as well as expiring contracts for existing facilities.

•According to expert advice of the province’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) “Without a limited amount of new generation in the near term, the IESO would be reliant on emergency actions such as conservation appeals and rotating blackouts to stabilize the grid.”

Ont Electricity Needs.jpg

What is Ontario Doing?

•To address the needs, the Ontario government directed the IESO to procure 4,000 MW of new electricity generation and storage resources to ensure the province has the electricity it needs to support a growing population and economy.

•The IESO released a two-stage procurement plan, with 1,500 MW to be procured in late 2022 / early 2023 and 2,500 MW to be procured in late 2023 / early 2024.

The Solution: Re-purpose Harriston Energy Storage Facility

harrison facility.jpg


•Harriston Energy Storage Facility was built in 2014 as part of an IESO initiative to study emerging energy storage technologies

•The facility provided short-duration (e.g. 15-minute) services to the IESO

•Harriston Energy Storage Facility’s contract with the IESO expired early 2023

•The IESO is seeking to procure resources that service longer-duration needs (e.g. 4 hour)

Our Solution:

•Nexus, in partnership with NRStor, proposes to redevelop the site for new energy storage capacity.

•Re-purpose the Harriston Energy Storage Facility from flywheel (i.e. short-duration) to battery (i.e. long-duration) technology

•Submit this site as a strong candidate for upcoming IESO LT1 RFP procurement (Dec. 12, 2023 bid deadline).

Why the Harriston Energy Storage Facility?

•Harriston Energy Storage Facility has already pre-qualified with IESO to host 10MW / 40MWh battery energy storage system

•The project has distinct advantages over its competitors given existing infrastructure and utility interconnection

•Nexus will utilize local consultants and/or engineering firms to advance permitting, environmental, engineering, and other activities

•Nexus will tender out EPC activities to firms having a local presence for civil works, electrical, etc.

Public & Indigenous Community Engagement

Nexus and NRStor are committed to engaging Indigenous communities, municipalities, the public as well as other potentially interested stakeholders throughout this project. The Minto BESS Project Public & Indigenous Community Engagement Plan describes the engagement activities that Nexus and NRStor will undertake during the LT1 RFP process in accordance with IESO requirements.

Indigenous communities, municipalities, regulatory agencies, local interest groups and the broader public will be notified when the Environmental Assessment process begins.

Minto Energy Storage Facility Community Consultation 

We always want to hear from you

Our virtual public community meeting was held on
Date: Dec. 7, 2023
Time: 6pm-7pm Eastern Standard Time

Minutes of the meeting can be accessed here.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at A separate one-on-one call can be arranged if you could not make this meeting time. Meeting materials will be available on this webpage following the meeting.

Preliminary Project Schedule

The timeline shown is indicative only and assumes a capacity contract award by the IESO in Q2 2024.  The in-service date of the new facility would then be approximately Q1 2026. 

minto timeline.jpg
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